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Lessons in Leadership from FROZEN

As a father of 4, I've seen the Frozen movies, let's just say more than a few times. Here are some takeaways from the film as it relates to leadership in business.

image of disney Frozen characters

"Pull a Frozen and let it go"

Most of the team members at CLOSED have heard me say this at least once. Our chosen industry can be high stress, with our clients in the middle of what is likely the largest financial transaction in their lives. The loan officers and real estate agents and brokers who work with us depend on our speed, accuracy and responsiveness to get their deals CLOSED.

With that even the most experienced team members can get wrapped up in a difficult transaction, and find it hard to get past one aspect of the closing. Those drawn to this industry are typically highly detail oriented, your stereotypical "perfectionist". My counsel is take a step back, a deep breath, and leverage your experience and the training our team has provided to assess the situation. Take what you're dwelling on that is preventing you from moving forward and let it go.

The next right thing

At CLOSED we process title 100% digitally with our unique, proprietary processes. In any file, in any state, we know what to do. However when it comes to our operations and growth, scaling a company nationally is an incredible challenge. Even the most well refined business plans are constantly changing based on new data. At times, even with a clear vision as to our mission and place in the market, the big decision can be just that - a big decision. I have found that breaking down these big decisions into smaller, more well defined steps helps in both taking rapid action and decision making. It also makes it easier to pivot as the business requires. So in short, "do the next right thing."

It's about relationships

In Olaf's Frozen Adventure, a short film, Anna and Elsa host a large holiday party and invite the entire town. Sadly, everyone heads home to celebrate with their own personal family traditions they have had in place for years. Anna and Elsa struggle that they don't have their own traditions to fall back on after losing their parents at young age (it's a Disney film).

After a long search by Olaf for a tradition that might be right for Anna and Elsa, Anna and Elsa come to the realization that their friend Olaf is their tradition, that their relationship with him is what matters at this special time of year.

CLOSED is a technology company building and leveraging the latest title technology to deliver streamlined experiences for our clients and partners. I've said this before and I'll say it again, we are a technology company that understands that real estate is a relationship business.

Relationships matter and are at the center of what we do- whether it's with our branch managers and their clients, or our executive team and our partners. So just like Anna and Elsa, our team focuses on our relationships because that is what matters.


Devan Spinelli, Esq. is the Founder and CEO of CLOSED™, The Joint Venture Title Company™ . Learn more about our title joint venture platform here . CLOSED™ is one of the fastest growing title companies in the US, expanding rapidly to 16 offices, adding new team members and opening new offices every few weeks. CLOSED™ is continually hiring across multiple states. To see our current career openings go to .

Devan brings a unique, extensive background in technology, as real estate attorney and a previous senior associate consulting Fortune 500 C-level executives with the world’s largest technology research firm. CLOSED™ was founded to deliver on a fundamental promise of technology : to transform experiences . Visit to learn how CLOSED™ is Title Reinvented™


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